Historic Fort Ontario

Timothy J. Abel

Fort Ontario Conference on History and Archeology

Fort Ontario Conference on History and Archeology

“Reflections on the Great War”


  • George Bray. “Lt. Colonel John Bradstreet’s Raid on Fort Frontenac, August 26-28, 1758
  • Brian Leigh Dunnigan . “Historic Links in the Waterways of the Early Great Lakes”
  • Rene Chartrand. “Canadian Army Uniforms and Equipment 1914-1918.”
  • Timothy J. Abel. A Battleship in the Wilderness: The Story of the Chippewa and Lake Ontario’s Forgotten War of 1812 Naval Shipyard.”
  • Paul Lear. “General Hospital #5, Fort Ontario in the War of 1917.”
  • Dianne Graves. “‘At the going down of the sun’: John McCrae, the Armistice and the Remembrance Poppy a hundred years on.”
  • Donald E. Graves. “Mud, Misery, Murder and Plum-Apple Jam: The Daily Life of the Canadian Soldier on the Western Front, 1915-1918, and of those Who Waited at Home for Him.”

Sunday Bus Tour

The bus will take participants on a guided tour of War of 1812 sites along Lake Ontario including the Battle of Big Sandy Creek, the path of the Great Cable Carry, and Sackets Harbor.

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