Historic Fort Ontario

World War I

Bemelmans Festival

Bemelmans Festival

The 2nd annual Bemelmans Festival will be held on June 2, celebrating the connection that Oswego and Fort Ontario have with Ludwig Bemelmans, author of the beloved Madeline book series.

The event features kite flying, period games, crafts, a children’s parade, an art exhibit, Madeline book readings, food trucks and free admission to Fort Ontario.


Fort Ontario Conference on History and Archeology

Fort Ontario Conference on History and Archeology

“Reflections on the Great War”


  • George Bray. “Lt. Colonel John Bradstreet’s Raid on Fort Frontenac, August 26-28, 1758
  • Brian Leigh Dunnigan . “Historic Links in the Waterways of the Early Great Lakes”
  • Rene Chartrand. “Canadian Army Uniforms and Equipment 1914-1918.”
  • Timothy J. Abel. A Battleship in the Wilderness: The Story of the Chippewa and Lake Ontario’s Forgotten War of 1812 Naval Shipyard.”
  • Paul Lear. “General Hospital #5, Fort Ontario in the War of 1917.”
  • Dianne Graves. “‘At the going down of the sun’: John McCrae, the Armistice and the Remembrance Poppy a hundred years on.”
  • Donald E. Graves. “Mud, Misery, Murder and Plum-Apple Jam: The Daily Life of the Canadian Soldier on the Western Front, 1915-1918, and of those Who Waited at Home for Him.”

Sunday Bus Tour

The bus will take participants on a guided tour of War of 1812 sites along Lake Ontario including the Battle of Big Sandy Creek, the path of the Great Cable Carry, and Sackets Harbor.

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